Important Notice

After a successful period in beta, we are now migrating to a new home, From today, this is where you will need to go to log in to your account.

Your account has been migrated, with the login details remaining as they were at 10am, 30/03/2015.

Any adverts created or images uploaded on after the above time will not be available on We apologise for this inconvenience.

In order for your tablet player to continue working with the migration, you will need to update it using the instructions below:

  1. Make sure your tablet has a good WiFi connection
  2. Turn the tablet off by holding the power button for 2 seconds, until the power menu appears
  3. Press "Power Off"
  4. Reboot the tablet by holding the power button until you see the AdGen boot logo appear
  5. Once the tablet has booted up, you should see a screen saying "Checking for updates"
    • If there is good connectivity, the button on screen should be disabled
    • With poor connectivity, the button will appear blue after a few seconds. Check your WiFi connection and then press the button to recheck for the update
  6. Once the update has been downloaded, it will be automatically installed and launched
  7. Once you see the familiar login screen, check the version number (top-left corner) is 1.4
  8. Tap the button labelled "Change Server" and check it reads "" and press OK
  9. Login as normal

If you experience any problems with the update, please use the Support tab (to the left of this screen) and include as much information as possible, including the steps you have done.

Please make sure you have updated any browser bookmarks.

Head to WWW.ADGENTV.COM now.